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Daisy Hain |

Living in a rural village surrounded by the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders, Daisy is inspired by the glacially sculpted landscape and dramatic seasonal colour changes found in her local environment.


After graduating with a Fine Art degree from the University of Newcastle, Daisy was invited to work at the Cromarty Pottery in the Scottish Highlands. After six years working as a Potter’s assistant, spending long nights experimenting, Daisy attended the prestigious Ceramic Skills and Design School in County Kilkenny, Ireland.


Having returned to Scotland, Daisy has established a ceramic studio of her own, designing and producing artwork that is both functional and sculptural.

Ceramics |

Design |


Throughout each stage of the creation process Daisy considers the shapes, alchemy and function of each piece, with a specific focus on the experience of touch.

Inspiration for themes are often found from natural phenomena, organic life, mythology and cultural identity.

Having sketched out an initial design, Daisy starts carefully working with the clay and slip. The formed piece begins a drying process before an initial bisque firing in the custom made gas kiln, reaching temperatures of over 1,000°C for over 12-hours.

Creating her own glazes offers Daisy the opportunity to experiment with colours and textures using carefully sourced materials that complement the design philosophy of the piece.

After applying the carefully selected glaze, Daisy then undertakes the glaze firing where the kiln reaches higher temperatures in excess of 1,200°C for 8-hours.

"It is the seemingly chaotic variability that brings life to my work. It is difficult to describe the excitement of opening the glaze kiln to view the final results, it is almost impossible to fully predict the colours"

Each stage results in new understanding about the materials and their interaction with the individual elements within the creation process feeding into the next design. This iterative form of designing provides an exciting mix of experimentation and anticipation with unpredictable results that generate beautiful ceramic pieces to enjoy. 



From the moment your ceramic pieces leave the kiln, care is taken to package it for delivery


For UK deliveries we aim to have your ceramic pieces delivered to you within 2-5 working days

of you placing your order


Our shops online payment system utilises PayPal for secure,

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