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Measuring our value

In order to measure the value of a blog post, website page or digital artefact (e.g video or image), this website uses a common tool known as Google Analytics (third-party).


Where you have allowed your browser to, Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information about visitors use of the site, and improve support. Information such as IP address and Language settings help us to better understand the regional location of customers to tailor the website language settings and explore expansion of shipping store items to new regions.


Google Analytics uses also provides presents data on traffic flow through the site that assists us in understanding why visitors came to the site and the outcome of the visit. In these circumstance it is not possible for us to specifically identify a visitor.

Browser data includes:

  • Language preference

  • IP Address

  • Geo-location

  • Browser type

  • Date

  • Time

  • Page views

  • Object Interaction

Google Privacy Policy >

How to remove or block cookies >


Sale of goods

Data is also processed for the purpose of selling, shipping and return of goods. We utilise Wix (third party) and it's partners services including Paypal (third party) to process payment information and shipping details in order to promote a secure and efficient retail experience.

Payment & Shipping data includes:

  • Purchaser first name

  • Purchaser last name

  • Purchaser address

  • Purchaser email address

  • Purchaser telephone number

  • Payment provider information

    • card details​

    • or PayPal Account

  • Shipping first name

  • Shipping last name

  • Shipping address

  • Shipping contact information

Only our 3rd party secure payment provider (PayPal) will process your Payment provider information e.g card number to process your payment. We will not see or have access to your card details.

Paypal Privacy Policy >

Wix Privacy Policy > 




We offer a variety of ways for us to communicate with you. Each one of these is opt-in or user initiated.

We process your email data when you opt-in to subscribe to our blog. Our 3rd party partners at Wix to process the subscription and to automatically update you on new blog posts. In addition to it being Opt-in each notification provides you the opportunity to opt-out.

We also process data to communicate with customers who have purchased goods to update them on shipping details or other relevant information to their purchase including cancellation, payment processing, details on goods or returns.

For the purpose of communicating with customers via email, we use Google Mail services.

Google Privacy Policy >

Data retention

Personal data is only kept for as long as is necessary for the purpose it was gathered. In certain circumstances we may store it for a longer period where it is required by law, regulators payment protection, or for secure archiving.

You can freely request information we retain about you, for it to be amended for the purpose of accuracy or erased as detailed in the relevant legislation. When making such a request we will ask for prof of identity and may require further information.


Final note:

We seek to be as transparent and open regarding our data practices as our knowledge will allow whilst retaining an accessible language.


We are not techies nor lawyers, so if you have a question or you feel the above could include something more, please do let us know.

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