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One of many new occurrences of life in lockdown for us is our daily family lunch. As we sit around the table tucking into home made delights, Rob regales a tale from a time when he was a pupil in his Secondary school back in 'Chippy'.

The class was given a project by their history teacher, who held a particular fondness of the Romans. The project assigned by the teacher was to portray a legionnaire replete with all their regalia.

Rob, recalls one of his friends creating a 'masterpiece' depicting a Roman, top-heavy with armour, with thin undernourished legs - quite the opposite from the warriors envisaged by the teacher - more Monty Python than Hollywood.

Adrian (not sold with frame)

The image has stayed with Rob over what may have been a legion years since. Rob now lives north of Hadrian's Wall in the Scottish Borders and was compelled to do his own interpretation. This painting 'Adrian' is a homage to this childhood memory and his friend.

'Adrian' and other original paintings by Rob Hain are available to view and buy in the Liberty Tree Gallery

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