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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Digital technology has become increasingly present in our lives this year; Group FaceTime calls with the family or Zoom quizzes with friends most of us have found new ways to stay in touch.

In the absence of our presence, how we communicate our thoughts and meaning to others, is as important as what we share.

Receiving a carefully handwritten note can bring joy and even tears to those we love. That care has been taken to select a special card, and time to craft a considered handwritten message - not mechanically typed whilst walking down the street, but rather - focused, dedicated time with the pen's impression, the ink holding an authentic connection for those that receive it.

We re-discovered the joy of receiving cards this year but often found it difficult to find colourful cards to send. Inspired by Rob's recent artwork, we handpicked a selection of our cards that are versatile in their use and unique.

We have taken time over the summer to find ethical and professional printers to help us produce these high-resolution cards that source the materials to minimise the environmental impact.

Greetings Card pack includes; Adrian, Whale of a Time, To the Lighthouse, Stayin' Safe & Patio Party

We hope this selection of Rob's cards brings joy to those you send them to and provide a colourful pallet to share meaningful, heartfelt messages to your friends and family.

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