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A Familiar Alien Celebration

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

We have all had to endure various challenges as a result of Lockdown. One of the restrictions we have all shared is the inability to hold those we love. Whether it's a family embrace or a friendly tap on the shoulder.

With an upcoming family birthday coinciding with the change of rules on households meeting in the garden, we set about planning a small garden party. We gathered all the pattern material we had and set to work stitching and threading fifty bunting flags.

The piece 'Patio Party 2020' by Rob depicts the occasion, which I imagine many others will have felt, the joy of being together whilst still being apart. The restraint to withhold an embrace because of the presence of love, not its absence.

The celebration was a success, with delicious home baked cake and a social distance treasure hunt for the birthday girl. A very special day indeed.

As a contributor and co-creator of LibertyTree.Scot, Rob will also be publishing his letters and selling original pieces direct from LibertyTree.Scot on our website gallery with new paintings added weekly.

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