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Paintings from Isolation

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Rob Hain has delighted many with paintings of bustling town scapes where colourful streets are full of quirky characters and local tales. Ordinarily Rob is located in a studio in Selkirk surrounded by a community of other artists - How has Rob adapted to working in isolation? And how has it changing the inspirations for his latest paintings?


Similar to many in early March, the drip feed of horror spreading across the world landed on the door step of Scotland. Whilst thankful to be well, Robs immediate challenge was how to continue his art during lockdown. Art is not only Robs passion and profession, but a therapeutic outlet. Not knowing how long we may be social distancing for, it would be important to his sanity to continue painting.

So here he is, in a hut at the bottom of the garden, overlooking the (now) well kept lawn as the delights of spring emerge around him and shoots grow through the fresh turned earth of the veg patch. Strangely this isn't new to him. Many years before he had his studio space at Selkirk WASPS, he was located in this very spot. This familiarity in an unfamiliar circumstance has provide some comfort.


There has been no escaping the impact of the virus. The sadness that surrounds it. It's omnipresence in all that we do and don't do. The missed hugs of near yet distant family. The warm embrace of a friend. The solitary passing of a stranger. All deeply impactful.

This cruelty and violence that the virus is inflicting, like a modern day plague, has infected Robs work. The brutal impact saw Rob turn to two artists, Picasso and Basquiat whom Rob feels both carried forward the notion that art gives form to the spiritual.


This is us, reaching out. Through the airwaves. Sharing thoughts, encounters and their influences. That despite our remoteness to one another, there is a shared experience that grounds us and who knows, maybe even a smile.

As a contributor and co-creator of LibertyTree.Scot, Rob will be publishing his letters and selling original pieces direct from the LibertyTree.Scot website gallery.

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